Chinese Fureai Salon
A culture workshop will be held twice every month from April. We welcome everyone from beginners to advanced level participants to join us. The Chinese exchange students in Kanoya National Institute of Sports & Fitness will be conducting the workshop. Please come and join us in learning more about Chinese culture and history in a relaxed atmosphere!

■Date:2nd and 4th Sunday every month 15:00〜17:00 (The first one is April 13th)
■Place:Kanoya National Institute of Sports and Fitness Lecture Building Room 101
■Capacity:around 30 people
■To Apply:Telephone to KIEA secretariat
■Deadline:April 4th (Friday)
■Inquiry and Registration
KIEA secretariat 0994-43-2111 (Ext. 3394)
TEL:31-1147 E-mail:

      Film “All the Invisible Children” Screening Event
“All the Invisible Children” is an anthology film with a collection of 7 short films directed by 7 worldly-renowned directors. The short films address issues such as street children, HIV prenatal infected children, and child soldiers.
The short films deal with issues about childhood problem through the eyes of the 7 directors.
In order to make the film viewed by more audience, the KIEA is making the advance ticket the low price of 500 yen!!
On the day of screening event, there will be various displays about international cultural understanding as well.
Bring your friends and family to experience a film screening event that is certainly rare in Kanoya city!

*The film is rated PG-12. As a result, those children under 12 are required to be accompanied by their parents to enter the theater.

For the flyer of the film, please click here   the flyer

February 24th (Sun) @10:30〜 A13:30〜 B16:30〜
RenaCity Kanoya 3F Main Hall
◆Ticket Price
Advance: 500 yen At the door: 1,000 yen
◆Film Info
 ・ Runtime 130 min, with Japanese subtitles
 ・ 2005 film Produced in Italy and France
 ・Directors and their works
     - Mehdi Charef [Rwanda] (“The Daughter of Keltoum”)
     ~ for the segment "Tanza"
     - Emir Kusturica [Serbia and Montenegro] (film: “Underground”)
     ~ for the segment "Blue Gypsy"
     - Spike Lee [USA] (“Malcolm X”)
     ~ for the segment "Jesus Children of America"
     - Katia Lund [Brazil] (“City of God”)
     ~ for the segment "Bilu e Joao"
     - Ridley and Jordan Scott [UK] (“Gladiator”)
     ~for the segment "Jonathan" (father-daughter team)
     - Stefano Veneruso [Italy] (“Strani Accordi”)
     ~for the segment "Ciro”
     - John Woo [China] (“Face/Off,” “M:I-2”)
     ~for the segment "Song Song and Little Cat"
     *Official Website for the film:
◆Advance Ticket Sales Counter
RenaCity Kanoya TEL: 0994-35-1004
Kanoya International Exchange Association TEL: 0994-43-2111 (Ext. 3394)

    Games from Around the World
Wanna play some interesting games from around the world? Kanoya International Exchange Association is organizing an event introducing school yard games from around the world to children in Kanoya city. Whether it’s “janken,” “tags,” or pen and paper games, it’s game on!

* Time: January 20th, 2008 (Sunday) 14:00〜17:00 (register from 13:30)
* Place: Renacity Kanoya (by Kanoya Bus Centre) 3F Fitness Hall
* Targeted Participants: 50 people (over elementary 1st grade)
* Fee: 200 yen (for insurance)
* Things to bring: indoor running shoes.
* Registration Deadline: January 11th, 2008 (Friday)
* Contact by TEL: Kanoya International Exchange Association Secretariat.
TEL: 0994-43-2111 (Ext. 3394)

     Cross-Cultural Lecture:Taking a stroll in Paris

A lecture introducing culture, history and lifestyle of France will be held by KIEA. Everyone is welcome; whether you are thinking of going to Paris or simply want to know more about a different country. Feel free to drop by!
■Time, Contents:
The 1st session November 29th (Thursday) “Life in Paris”
The 2nd session December 6th (Thursday) “Wind of Southern France: Campus
life of French University and Characteristics of French People”
The 3rd session December 13th (Thursday) “Ile de la Cite the island floating in Seine River: the origin of Paris”
※All sessions are from 7pm to 8:30pm. Feel free to join even just one session.

■Instructor: Masayuki Kodama (Professor in Kanoya National Institute of Sports and Fitness)
■Location: Rena City Kanoya 3F Free Room
■Fee: FREE!!
■Seats: 30 people (first come first served)
■Deadline for application: November 22nd (Thursday)
■To apply: e-mail your name and contact information or call the secretariat directly
■For further inquiry:
Kanoya International Exchange Association Secretariat
(Civic Activity Promotion Division in Kanoya CityHall) 
TEL:31-1147 E-mail:

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