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In order to increase international awareness in the local area, the Kanoya International Exchange Association (KIEA) will be holding an event, in conjunction with the Ossumi Lakeside Festival, called the eKanoya Asian Festivalf. At this event we will be introducing a number of different aspects from various Asian cultures such as, games, cuisine, music, folk costumes etc. This will be an excellent opportunity for children (and adults too!) to gain a global perspective, so please ask your friends and family to come along too.


Event Details
Games Booth Play a number of childrenfs games from throughout Asia.
Food Booth Sample various teas and snacks from around Asia
 (Tea & Snack sets will cost approx. 300 yen).
Costume Booth Try on actual folk costumes from various Asian countries.
Music Booth Hear the sounds of traditional Asian instruments.
Shopping Booth Buy folk crafts from around the world that were bought back to Japan by Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers (JOCV).

Date and Time
11th October, 2009. 14F00`17F00

Asia Pacific Intercultural Countryside Center (KAPIC)

Kanoya International Exchange Association
* In the event of rain, this event will be postponed.

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