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@@ @Information Regarding Vaccine for Pandemic Influenza A(H1N1)

1 Purpose of the Pandemic Influenza Vaccination

  • To reduce the number of deaths and severe cases associated with this type of influenza.
  • To prevent panic in mental institutions caused by a mass outbreak amongst patients and to maintain the current medical system.

2 Effectiveness and Safety of the Pandemic Influenza Vaccination

  • Effectiveness: It is expected that the vaccination will control symptoms and prevent those symptoms from becoming serious (Inoculation does not guarantee that one will not become infected with Pandemic Influenza)
  • Side Effects: Include swelling, fever and in rare cases more serious side effects.

    Whether to get vaccinated or not should be determined on an individual basis, with full understanding of such risks and benefits.

3 Cost of Vaccination and Financial Support

  • Discounted vaccinations will be on offer until the 31st of March 2010.
  • If you get 2 doses of vaccine, the cost at clinics nationwide is 3,600yen for the 1st dose and 2,550 yen for the second (if you get vaccinated at two different clinics the 2nd dose will also cost 3,600yen).
  • The list of vaccination priority groups of as well as those citizens included in other groups is outlined below.
Number of Doses Vaccination Cost Welfare Benefit for Households not Paying Municipal Tax Regular Municipal Tax Paying Households
Amount covered by Kanoya City Amount Covered by the Individual Amount Covered by Kanoya City Amount Covered by the Individual
1st Dose 3,600 yen Full Amount N/A 2,000 yen 1,600 yen
2nd Dose 2,550 yen Full Amount N/A 1,000 yen 1,550 yen
3,600 yen Full Amount N/A 1,000 yen 2,600 yen

*Residents who are receiving welfare benefits or those who do not pay municipal tax will need to show proof of their status. Please bring all relevant information to the Health Promotion Division or the Taxation Division at Kanoya City Hall. Alternatively you can apply for this reduction at the Regional Development Division at your local branch office.

For those applying for vaccination at medical institutions outside of the Kanoya/Higashi Kushira/Kimotsuki Area
  • Please pay the full amount for the vaccination at the clinic you visit.
  • Please bring the following documents from the clinic that you visit:
    EVaccination Voucher

    Please submit both of these documents as well as your personal stamp (inkan) and bankbook and apply for a refund at the Health Promotion Division (Kanoya City Health Insurance Consultation Center )

4 Vaccination Priority Groups/ Vaccination Commencement Dates/ Number of Doses etc.

The supply of Vaccine is limited so it will therefore be offered on a preference based system.
Those wishing to get vaccinated should contact their family doctor or their local medical institution in regard to the consultation days outlined below.
N.B The vaccination commencement dates for various medical institutions are subject to change.

The vaccination target groups will be notified personally (excluding health care providers and those with underlying diseases)

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Includes guardians of those target groups who cannot receive vaccination due to medical reasons.

Guardians of those target groups who cannot receive vaccination due to medical reasons need to bring either a Certificate of Preference or a Health Insurance Card or a Certificate of Residence

Students in their 2nd year of High School or younger: Twice
Those are required so by a Doctor: Twice


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