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@@ @@3 day 4 night Summer English Camp

For all of you students out there who love English,
How would you like to participate in our upcoming Summer English Camp?
Each individual group (of 5 students) will have at least one native English speaker (either an ALT or an exchange student from Kagoshima University) as their group leader. During the day the students will work with their fellow group members using the internet and other resources to research a foreign country. On the final day of the camp they will present their findings to the rest of the participants. The students will also get to spend their lunch breaks and evenings with their group leaders which will allow them to maximize the amount of English they use. This camp will provide an excellent opportunity for the participants to practise the English they have learnt up until this point. Japanese staff will also be present to provide any extra needed assistance.

16th August 2011@` 19th August 2009

KAPIC Center

Kanoya International Exchange Association

26,000 (Yen)
(Additional Bus serviceF From Kamoike Port = 4,000(Yen)A
@From Kokubu = 4,500(Yen))

Number of Participants
Limited to 35

Sponsored by
Kanoya City International Exchange Association (KIEA),
Kagoshima International Association (KIA),
Kagoshima Prefecture Board of Education and the Kanoya City Board of Education

To Apply
Please contact xnt International Education Program iMs. Yokoijon either



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