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@@ @@Now Recruiting Dancers for this yearfs Summer Festival!

The Kanoya International Exchange Association is participating in this yearfs summer festival to be held on the 21st of August.
KIEA was awarded 5th place in this festival last time we participated.
We will also be using ePoif (a Maori traditional dance prop) again this year and colouring the festival with the colours of internationalization.
Come along, participate and become a member of KIEAfs eWe are the Worldf dance troop.

21st August (Sun).

Inner city district of Kanoya (starting at City Hall).

Must be 10 years or older.

We ask that you come along to at least one of the practice sessions if you are going to participate in this festival.

Details regarding the venue(s) and times of the practice sessions will be sent to participants separately.



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