Event Calendar 2012-2013

Whether children or adults, the Kanoya International Exchange Association’s events can be enjoyed by all ages! By taking part in our international exchange events, you can experience a slice of foreign culture and make friends from all over the world! If you’re interested in joining the association, or if you just want to hear more about our events, then please feel free to contact us.

Below is a calendar of our events for 2012-2013

Event name Date Place Outline
Group trip to the Kagoshima Asian Youth Arts Festival October 21st Kagoshima City A group of mainly volunteer staff will go and check out the activities on offer at the Kagoshima Asian Youth Arts Festival!
International Cooking Salon: Gingerbread house edition Early December KAPIC Centre Families and foreign residents of Kanoya gather to make gingerbread houses, a popular Christmas tradition in North America.
Christmas Market Early December Rina City Kanoya To coincide with the Rina City Kanoya light-up event, we’ll hold a German-style Christmas market!
International Tangerine Picking Mid-December Kishira, Kimotsuki-cho A group of Kanoya residents, foreign and Japanese, will go pick tangerines!
Games of from around the World Late January Rina City Kanoya We’ll try out a variety of games popular with children around the world!
International Hiking Late February To be confirmed later An event where foreign and Japanese residents can all enjoy hiking together.

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