KIEA Christmas Market 2014
Mini Gingerbread Houses
Craft Corner (Christmas Cards)
Photos with Santa Claus
Sweets Decoration
Marzipan Crafts
Dance Performance from the Kanoya Mascots
Christmas Carolling
Christmas Cookie Stall
A typical European Christmas Market

This winter the Kanoya International Exchange Association will bring you some authentic Christmas cheer as we hold our annual Christmas Market. This is a rare chance to experience an authentic Christmas atmosphere right in the heart of Osumi. On the night, we’ll have food and drink stalls, craft workshops, and musical performances among other things, so come check it out!


Date and time
6th of December 2014 (Saturday), 15:00〜19:00

Rina City Kanoya (893-0009, Kanoya City, O-otemachi 1-1)
  1F Outdoor Boardwalk, Indoor Information Plaza
  2F Information Training Hall (Joho-kenshu-shitsu)

 ★No entrance fee

■Contents and activities
[1] Market Stalls
KIEA and local businesses will be selling baked goods, accessories, and some light meals.

[2] Free activities
1.Craft Corner (2F, runs from 15:00 to 18:00)
  No pre-booking needed.
  We’ll have 30 angel dolls and 30 Christmas cards for participants to  
  assemble and decorate. First come first served.
2.Christmas Origami workshop (1F), first come first served.
3.Christmas message wall (1F), write your Christmas wish and help us
  make a wall-full of wishes.

[3] Activities with a charge
1.Mini gingerbread house workshop
 Time:17:00〜18:30(Registration 16:30〜17:00)
 Venue:2F Information Training Hall
 Participation fee:one house for 500yen

 ★Advance-booking required by phone or email★
 TEL: 0994-31-1147, ask for David

2.Marzipan Crafts
 Time:15:30〜16:10 (Registration 15:00〜15:30)
 Venue:2F Information Training Room
 Participation fee:one craft for 300yen.

 ★Advance-booking required by phone or email★
 TEL: 0994-31-1147, ask for David

3.Sweets Decoration-making
 Time:15:00〜18:00(Come at any time)
 Venue: 2F Information Training Hall
 Participation fee:100yen for one decoration

 ★First come first served★

4.Beads Accessory Workshop
 Participation fee:100yen for one accessory

 ★First come first served★

[4] Activities with a charge
Other activities
1.Performances of Christmas songs,
 Dance performances with the Kanoya City Mascots
2.Balloon animals (free!)
3.Photos with Santa Claus

■Parking Facilities
You cannot park in the nearby MaxValu car park if you are coming to this event. Instead please park at the Machinaka Park, Event Hiroba, Pit 88, Hello Work, and Shiroyama Park car parks.

Kanoya International Exchange Association Secretariat
(Kanoya City Hall 3F, Regional Community Division)
TEL:0994-31-1147 (Ask for David)




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