We’re recruiting participants
          for our Global exchange event on August 24th

IThis is a welcome party primarily for the benefit of newly arrived CIRs and ALTs in Kanoya and Kagoshima Prefecture.

Let’s all have off the summer heat by living it up and having fun!!!

We’re looking forward to your application!!!


Saturday, August 24th from 7pm (entry from 6:30)

Ryoutei Yoshitsune Beer Garden(Kanoya City, Mukae-cho 15-13)


■Participation Fee
Adults 3500 yen, junior high school students 3000 yen, elementary 2000 yen, pre-school 1000 yen.
*Please be aware that no-shows on the day will incur a flat, across the board 2000 yen cancelation fee.

How to Apply
Call the KIEA office or contact us by fax
We will also be sending an information leaflet separately


For reference& Application form
Information booklet(PDF)

Enquiries and applications
Kanoya International Exchange Association Office (in Kanoya City Hall)




Kanoya International Exchange Office(Kanoya City Hall)
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TEL : 0994-31-1147 FAX : 0994-42-2001
EMAIL : info@kiea.ne.jp
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