Wahoo Japan 2013 Photo Report

 On the weekend of September 7th to 8th, we hosted this year’s edition of ‘Wahoo! Japan’, an overnight homestay programme that gives foreign residents of Kagoshima prefecture the chance to experience Japanese home life in Kanoya. On the afternoon of Saturday the 7th, almost 30 participants hopped on board our tour bus and visited some famous sites in neighbouring Shibushi, such as the Wakashio shochu factory, Cape Daguri, and Daiji Temple.

 After returning to Kanoya, all our foreign participants went off to enjoy a one-night homestay with the event’s Japanese participants.

 This year we had participants from the UK, Singapore, New Zealand, China, Germany, and the USA. This made for a very fun international atmosphere that everyone enjoyed. Below are some scenes from the bus tour to Shibushi.



thumb_img_6847.jpg thumb_img_6863.jpg
Setting off from Kanoya City Hall… On the Wahoo Japan bus tour!
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Our Bus Tour MCs, David and Ms. Shimoizumi Chinese whispers
thumb_img_6899.jpg thumb_img_6953.jpg
Arriving at Wakashio Shochu factory Touring Wakashio Shochu factory
thumb_img_6994.jpg thumb_img_6997.jpg
Trying our hand at making rice malt Harder than it looks!
thumb_img_7056.jpg thumb_img_7116.jpg
Everbody say ‘Shochu!’ Lunch at Cape Daguri
thumb_img_7146.jpg thumb_img_7175.jpg
Arriving at Daiji Temple Signing our autographs at Daiji Temple
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Daiji Temple’s priest explains his lifestyle Trying out Zen meditation
thumb_img_7284.jpg thumb_img_7323.jpg
In front of Daiji Temple Smiles on the bus back to Kanoya

After the bus tour,
our local families and foreign residents began their overnight homestay
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