International Cooking Salon 〜New Zealand Cuisine〜
   Photo Report

The Kanoya International Exchange Association held this year’s International Cooking Salon on Sunday, June 29th. This year Hasie Leung, a Kiwi resident of Osumi, showed us how to make some New Zealand favourites. We had a turnout of over 40, with Kanoya natives, foreign residents and volunteer staff all working together to make some delicious food.

After we all finished eating the food we made, our instructor Hasie talked to us a bit about her home country New Zealand.

As usual, the International Cooking Salon turned out to be a great event where participants could learn a little about other countries while making new friends. Below are some photos of the day’s events.


The assembled participants

We had folks from Kanoya, the USA,
New Zealand, Ireland, Belarus, and
the Philippines taking part

The KIEA President says a few words of welcome

Our instructor Hasie (left) explains the recipes

 thumb_201402096.jpg  thumb_201402097.jpg
Cooking the food

Cooking the food (2)

Cooking the food (3)

The finished food

We could eat to our hearts’content


The cultural presentation after the meal

Our instructor Hasie (right)
introduces New Zealand

Everyone took an interest in the presentation

The final group photo




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