‘Happy Kids’ Event 〜Photo Report〜

On Sunday August 3rd the Kanoya International Exchange Association hosted the inaugural edition of ‘Happy Kids’. This event was held in the Kanoya Chuo Community Centre.

Japanese and foreign residents gathered in the morning to make BLT sandwiches and fruit punch, and then after we had eaten, we decorated glass wind chimes (‘fuurin’) in the afternoon.

We had over 50 participants and staff on the day, making this event a great opportunity to meet new people. Once again we were able to deliver some international atmosphere to the residents of Kanoya.

Below are some photos of the day’s events.


The opening ceremony

Explaining the recipes

Our volunteers supervised the cooking

The cooking was busy…

 thumb_201402096.jpg  thumb_201402097.jpg
But we had time for photos too

The kids helped us make this
delicious food


Our dining room for the day

On the day we had participants from the USA, the Philippines and Ireland
 thumb_9.jpg  thumb_10.jpg
Serious looks and smiles as the kids paint their wind chimes


But of course it wasn’t just the kids having fun


Displaying our wind chimes for a final group photo




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