@@ @eWahoo! Japanf Event `Photo Report`

On Sunday February 22nd, we held this yearfs eWahoo! Japanf at the East Kanoya Study Centre.

On the day we learned how to make strawberry daifuku and a fun style of ikebana, both under the watch of professional instructors. 40 participants joined us to enjoy these expressions of traditional Japanese culture.

Below are some photos of the dayfs events.


thumb_dscn0237.jpg thumb_dscn0239.jpg
thumb_dscn0241.jpg thumb_dscn0242.jpg
thumb_dscn0244.jpg thumb_dscn0248.jpg
thumb_dscn0250.jpg thumb_dscn0253.jpg
thumb_dscn0254.jpg thumb_dscn0256.jpg
thumb_dscn0257.jpg thumb_dscn0260.jpg
thumb_dscn0261.jpg thumb_dscn0269.jpg
thumb_dscn0272.jpg thumb_dscn0277.jpg
thumb_dscn0285.jpg thumb_dscn0288.jpg
thumb_dscn0290.jpg thumb_dscn0293.jpg
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