The Kanoya International Exchange Association was established on December 24th, 1996.
The purpose of the organization is to promote international exchange and cooperation by utilizing the geographical and historical merits in Kenoya city.
With the slogan "We are the World," the goal for the association is to develop friendship and exchange with international residents and visitors from other countries, across all barriers of nationality, skin color, age and gander.
In addition, by using the keyword of international exchange, the association plans to organize events contributing to development in the next generation with a global perspective, and further activate exchange among locals to enable cultural development.


  Main Projects
  ☆International Friendship and Exchange Project

Actively establish international exchange and comprehension to the public while promoting an interest in foreign culture in a fun environment.

  1. Carry out events with exchange with foreign residents, etc.

☆Youth Overseas Dispatch Project

Dispatch Kanoya youth to overseas youth corps on-site locations in developing countries. With participation and cooperation in activities there, they will be nurtured into more richly cultured people.

  1. Kagoshima Prefecture Youth International Cooperation Experience Project.

☆Public Relations and News Sponsorship Project

Using a wide variety of media to supply information about the association’s activities so a wider range of people than just members can know about them.
E-mail magazine distribution(Members only)

  1. Management of the home page.
  2. Use a wide variety of media such as city newsletters for public relations and information.
  3. Issuance of periodic news magazines(Mini-Global)
    (Introduction of groups’activities, Recruiting)
  4. Creating a summary of the year’s activities in the association’s news magazine「Global」etc.

Association Structure Strengthening Project

Stimulate participation in the association and increase public finances as well as widen the scope of the organization. Also by increasing and strengthening staff, cooperation, and research, the vitalization of the entire organization and projects can be planned to fulfillment.

  1. Enactment of projects linked with other organizations.
  2. Staff meetings, Promotion of participation in event operations, etc.

International Exchange Organization Support Project

In order to support the promotion of the city’s international community, other civic organizations that carry out international activities will be granted subsidies.



  Main Organizational Structure
  The event planning in the Association is conducted mainly by the volunteer staff members who are also members of the Association.  



Civic Activity Promotion Division, Kanoya City Hall
20-1 Kyoei-cho Kanoya City, Kagoshima Prefecture JAPAN 893-8501
TEL : 0994-43-2111 (Ext. 3394) FAX : 0994-42-2001
EMAIL : info@kiea.ne.jp
Skype : kiea1997
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