Kanoya City Official Homepage    
    Information on daily living, disaster prevention, events in Kanoya.
  Kagoshima Prefecture, International Exchange Division
    Information on international exchange and international cooperation activities in Kagoshima prefecture.
For information on Japanese passport, please click this link as well.
  Asia-Pacific Intercultural  Countryside Centre
    Surrounded by the beautiful nature of Takakuma, this area is a base for international exchange in Kagoshima Prefecture. Various international exchange programs and events are conducted here.

Kagoshima International Association (KIA)

    A non-profit organization aiming to promote international exchange and cooperation in Kagoshima prefecture.
  Non-profit Organization “Karaimo Koryu”    
    A non-profit organization for facilitating international exchange between Kagoshima and international students across Japan.
  Kagoshima International Citizens' Society (K.I.C.S.)    
    Information on international exchange and cooperation activities conducted in Kagoshima city.
  Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Government of Japan)    
    One of the central governmental organization. Information on foreign affairs, ODA, foreigners in Japan and information on international affairs can be found here.

Japan International Cooperation Agency(JICA)

    Information on services and cooperation provided by Japan can be found here.
  Link of international exchange information in Japan    

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