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Kanoya City is located in the centre of the Osumi Peninsula, and serves as an industrial, economic, cultural and traffic hub for the whole Osumi region.

In the North of Kanoya lie the majestic Takakuma Mountains, which were selected for inclusion in the Asahi Newspaper's  '100 great nature spots of Japan'. Hilly forested areas spread across the Northeast of Kanoya. To the South of the mountains lie the Kasanohara plateau and the Kimotsuki plains. The Kasanohara plateau hosts the first government-financed border irrigation facility in Japan. These flatlands spread out to include the center of Kanoya.

To the West is Kanoya's beautiful coastline which faces onto Kinko Bay. Finally, the South of Kanoya is a hilly forested area where can be found Aira Sanryo Imperial Tomb, one of Japan's top three imperial tombs.

448.33ku (City limits: 20km East-to-West, 41 km North-to-South)

◇Population (As of December 1st, 2013)
Number of households:45,373

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Civic Activity Promotion Division, Kanoya City Hall
20-1 Kyoei-cho Kanoya City, Kagoshima Prefecture JAPAN 893-8501
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