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TThe pension system in Japan can be basically divided into three groups:
1.Employee’s Pension Insurance (kosei nenkin hoken)
2.Pension for Workers in Special Occupations (kyousai nenkin)
3.National Pension (kokumin nenkin)
The Employee’s Pension Insurance is handled by one’s employer and the social insurance office. The Pension for Workers in Special Occupations is handled by the Mutual Aid Associations (membership required). One is eligible to receive pension after fulfillment of a 20 year membership period.

The National Pension Plan is available to anyone 20 years or older residing in Japan. You may enroll by presenting your Residence Card and filling out an application form at the Pension Section of City Hall.

Benefits can be received after fulfilling a total of 25 years membership. The basic benefits of the National Pension Plan are:
1)Basic Senior Pension (rorei kiso nenkin)
2)Basic Disability Pension (shogai kiso nenkin)
3)Basic Survivors Pension (izoku kiso nenkin)

In cases where a foreign resident has paid premiums into the National Pension plan for 6 months or more as a primary insured person, or has paid into Employee’s Pension Insurance for 6 months or more, the foreign resident can receive a refund of any pension premiums paid if they move to another country before they are able to draw a pension. The foreign resident must apply for this pension refund within 2 years of leaving Japan.

For more information, please refer to the structures of the National Pension Plan of the Japan Pension Service.
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