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      Procedures for Immigration Office
◆Application for extension of stay and change of status, etc.
Extensions of stay and change of status are handled at the Immigration Office. In order to extend your stay, you must apply about one month prior to the expiration date of your current one.

◆Re-entry permits (sainyukoku kyoka-sho)
When you intend ot travel outside of Japan and return after a certain period of time, you must obtain a re-entry permit.
There are two kinds of re-entry permits available:
1) single (¥3,000 handling charge)
2) multiple - valid for one year (¥6,000 handling charge)

Re-entry permits are obtained at the Immigration Office. Payments are made with revenue stamps only (shunyu inshi).
Apply at Kagoshima Immigration Office: (TEL: 099-222-5658)

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