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    Sightseeing in Kanoya City

The Takakuma mountain range hosts a variety of sightseeing spots that take advantage of the natural surroundings, such as Kihoku Uwaba Park, Lake Osumi, Takakuma Dam, Meinoo farm, Osumi Natural Recreation Forest, and Takakuma Gorge. These sights impress visitors whatever the season.

In the hilly area to the West of Kanoya you can find the number one rose garden in Japan, the Kanoya Rose Garden. Down the hill towards the Kinko Bay coastline you can find supervised beaches and fully-equipped campgrounds. During the summer season this area bustles with bathers from Kanoya and the rest of Osumi.

The centre of town features the Japan Maritime Self Defence Forces’ Kanoya Air Base, famous as a Naval Kamikaze Base during World War II. The Kanoya Air Base Historical Museum within the air base grounds displays documents and photographs that commemorate this tragic history, and features on every visitor’s itinerary. To the East of Kanoya you can find the remains of Kushira’s Naval Air Base, which features a cenotaph and the remains of the old runway. The old base has been developed into the Kushira Peace Park, featuring a water park and a cherry tree-lined avenue that was converted from the old runway. The old runway attracts many visitors during the Spring cherry blossom season, and the water park is very popular in Summer.

Near the foot of the Kunimiyama mountain range in the South of Kanoya lies the Aira Sanryo Imperial Tomb. One of Japan’s top three imperial tombs, and affectionately called ‘little Ise shrine’ by the locals, tourists flock to Aira Sanryo throughout the four seasons, especially during the New Year’s holiday when the area bustles with pilgrims.

Kanoya’s tourist farms are also a popular attraction, and throughout the year visitors enjoy harvesting various fruits and vegetables including strawberries, sweetcorn, grapes and peanuts.

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A List of Points of Interests in Kanoya

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